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Pilot Research Grants

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The Center for Digital Health's pilot research grants are designed to support new ideas with the objective of getting initial results. We welcome proposals that work to leverage the power of technology and innovation to improve health. 

The 2023 call is open! We expect to award several grants, up to $50,000 each. View the Call for Proposals to learn more and apply. Proposals are due by September 1, 2023. For further information, please refer to this CDH Pilot Grants FAQ Sheet. For any additional questions, please email  

Priority Areas

Preference will be given to projects that relate to Digital Health and these six broad research areas: 

  1. Improved recruitment and retention of vulnerable and hard to reach or minority populations in clinical research 
  2. Management of chronic diseases
  3. Improved care for patients with rare diseases
  4. Addressing global public health challenges
  5. Mental health across the lifespan
  6. Maternal and child health

Submission Guidelines

Proposals are due on September 1, 2023 at 11:59pm PDT. Award recipients will be notified in early October. Please submit using the Apply button below. 

The proposal (1 page, excluding references, PDF, single-spaced, Arial 11 point, 0.5 inch margins) should include the following components:

  • Problem or gap in the literature
  • Preliminary Data
  • Specific Aims 
  • 3 key project milestones and expected completion dates 
  • Budget (direct costs $50,000) and justification
  • Team (faculty, postdocs, staff, and/or students as appropriate)

References (no max or min limits, at the end of the PDF File)

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed based on innovation, feasibility and alignment with the CDH mission and research focus areas listed above and the likelihood the project will have a near term positive impact on health.

Key Dates

  • Application deadline: September 1, 2023
  • Award start date: November 1, 2023 


  • Stanford faculty with UTL, MCL, NTLR and CE faculty* appointments
  • Instructors and Clinical Instructors are also eligible
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars (clinical and non-clinical) are required to include a PI eligible faculty member as co-PI on the application.        *CE faculty PI waivers are not needed for internal funding opportunities.


Awardees will be asked to present at annual Stanford Center for Digital Health events. By the project end date, recipients will be asked to provide a final report of research results, usage of funds, and a list of publications, new grant applications, and conference talks emerging from these pilot funds.

Proposals may request up to $50,000 over 1 year. Funds may be used for salary of faculty, graduate students, and other research staff, operating supplies, equipment, and travel directly associated with the research activity.


Please refer to this CDH Pilot Grants FAQ Sheet or email us at

Apply here