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Focus Areas

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Our vision is to be at the forefront of digital health innovation, research, and implementation. We intend to reach these goals by building bridges across diverse communities of scientists to promote team science and collaboration. We are committed to catalyzing groundbreaking research to expand the use of digital tools in addressing major health care challenges worldwide.

Global Public Health

We strive to improve public health worldwide by ensuring digital health solutions are accessible and affordable for all people globally, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location. Our goal is to support research that focuses on the ethical and equitable implementation of digital solutions for major public health challenges worldwide, with a special focus on maternal and child health.

New Cures for Rare Diseases

Our world's digital transformation coincides with cutting-edge life-saving discoveries in the areas of stem cell and gene therapies to aid millions of people with genetic diseases, and empower individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey through digital tools and platforms that provide personalized, accessible, and evidence-based information and support.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

We recognize the vital role of healthcare professionals and strive to enhance their capabilities through digital tools and technologies, including innovations in AI. By providing intuitive and efficient digital and Al-driven health solutions, we can streamline clinical workflows, improve diagnostic accuracy, and enable better communication and coordination among healthcare teams and for more efficient clinical research.

Mental Health and Well-being

We aim to understand the effects of global digital transformation on well-being and mental health, and to identify how digital tools can enhance mental health support. A key focus will be assessing the effects of digitization on youth well-being.

Aging and Longevity

We are dedicated to pioneering advancements in digital health to enhance the well-being of older adults. Through digital interventions, telehealth solutions, and innovative health monitoring systems, we strive to empower older individuals to manage their health effectively and maintain independence.